Hyle L Daley
Level: 97
Class: Rogue Educator
Game of 2015: Undertale
Book of 2015: Ghettoside by Jill Leovy
Movie of 2015: What We Do In The Shadows
Album of 2015: Int’l Night School by Vega
Podcast of 2015: Serial (Season 1)

This site is dedicated to thinking about games, books, movies, music, and podcasts and squeezing the education out of them in order to become a better educator. I’m currently a PhD student studying instructional design and innovative technology, but I’ve been a high school English teacher for over a decade. I’ve even dabbled in administration, but the heart wants what it wants, and it wants to play. So, although I pursue to become a member of academia, I will always find a place in my life for gaming and the wide world of media.

My mission is to take those elements found in games and use them in my own lessons in order to increase student motivation and make learning engaging. My website is a place for me to compile all of my ideas, thoughts, and work to share with other educators.

If you are looking for some credentials, head on over to the portfolio page. There, you’ll find my CV as well as my PhD work. It’s a constant work-in-progress and is updated often. (Oh, it’s password protected, so if you send me a request, I can let you view the goods.)